a dino afternoon

Yesterday the in-laws and I went into Dallas to Dinosauria, an exhibit featuring dinosaurs, fairies, and dragons. The weather was stormy and it was only getting worse but it was well worth it, if nothing but to see Liam's jaw drop at every roar. Taking him on new adventures is so rewarding. It's like I can see his little mind working. We saw the dinosaurs and the dragons and went to indulge in a little bounce house fun. Who knew they could be so terrifying and that clinging to mama was the only thing that could save him from such a frightening experience?! It's true, Liam is not a fan. It's only a matter of time, I'm sure.

Hunger struck and we went around the block to the cutest little diner you ever did see which reminded me of that down-home Texas charm I love so much. It was a wonderful afternoon--well worth the cheesy fog smoke, smelly bounce houses, and greasy food induced coma. These are the days.

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