liam's one!

liam, you are one. uuuummm, when did time start flying? the sleepless nights feel like yesterday and now i'm turning around and you've hopped up on the couch all by your lonesome and i'm running to save you from your sudden need to free fall. you've grown up into quite the little mister. you're walking, more and more each day, and you're quite proud of it too. sometimes before you start, you must clap. i donno, like you feel the need to pep yourself up. whatever you gotta do. you're waving all the time, mimicking ev. ery. thing. you are learning to give me kisses on the lips which is one of my favorite things in all this world. it's not all roses though. your fits are something fierce. and you scream like a little terror. nothing like tessa though, jen, if that's what you're wondering. haha. she was all her own. we are phasing out the formula little by little. knowing that we're working on our last bucket is THE BEST. we're also working on drinking lots of water. well actually, we're just working on drinking water period. you're not a fan. which i get, all you're used to is milk and water is just not the same. it's a process. i'm so not into juices but that's what we're starting with and then slowly cutting it out. it's crazy to me how a just a few short weeks ago you seemed like such a baby, and now you're a toddler. it's like your birthday came and you suddenly felt the need to grow up so fast. i'm not ready for it and yet i'm so excited for this next stage. me and daddy love you fiercely, little liam. we have so many dreams for you. i want you to be kind and loving. gracious and thankful. passionate and loyal. a leader and a follower. a dreamer and a wanderer. honest and strong. confident and humble. and most of all, godly. for without Him, you are nothing.


**update: you drink water if i bring it home in a starbucks cup. you seem to be intrigued by the cup and the straw is so squishy! i've been bringing home a cup every day after work and you've slowly started drinking more and more each day. now you are drinking it out of a sippy cup and after your drink out of it, i say "yaaaaay" you start clapping. we both feel accomplished.

oh and you never liked the apple juice. it just isn't your thang. boom!

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