bath time and such

bath time is becoming one of my favorite times with liam. he loves the bath. his little legs are constantly moving in the water and nothing, NOTHING beats splashing water on mama. the more he can get a rise out of me, the better. how has this already started?? so young? squirting water back at him isn't so bad either. he gives me this shocked look as if i wouldn't reciprocate it. tit for tat, child. he usually shows off his best facial expressions in the bath too. he has lots of great ones and those eyebrows have a mind of their own.
his favorite toys are the rubber ones--something about 'em. but we need e.v.e.r.y. toy in the bath. don't let one toy go to waste, ma! if nothing else, they're great for chucking. his last bath we played with bubbles and boy, those are hilarious. haven't quite figured out where they're all disappearing to.

can't wait for summer time at the pool!

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