A promise

Your peaceful, playful demeanor turned south. You screamed cries as husband and I waited in line at Starbucks. I got my beloved caffeinated beverage and drove home, the lull of the car putting you in a daze. You're tired. You've only napped for thirty minutes and you're screaming for life to stop. To close your eyes and escape the world for a few. We walk through the door of home, Daddy picks you up out of your seat. The crying ceases and suddenly, all is right. The tiredness is there, but so is Daddy.

I've got finances, moving, work on the brain but suddenly it leaves when I see your face. The face that is comforted by the touch of your parent. A touch of love. I take you in my arms, dance the dance of all mothers, and your eyes get a little heavier. Know this.

My son, I will always hold you.

When your knees are being held up by bandages. When you're the shepherd in a play. When you pound your way through your annual piano recital. When your classmates make fun of you and your teacher intimidates you. When you strike out every at bat or score the winning run.

I will always hold you.

When that girl rejects you, or that college too. When you get that promotion. When you run out of gas, ice cream, or faith.

My son, I will always hold you.

When you say your I Do's. When you buy your first house and hear that first screaming newborn cry. When the babies won't sleep and your world is on fire with exhaustion. When you relocate and you pack up boxes and hope. When all you can do is keep breathing.

Sweet child, I will always hold you.

When your home is warm and your heart is full. When you need someone to share your joy, watch your kids, listen to your fears, admire blue eyes.

When you feel lost and all you can do is scream. When you sing "Jesus Loves Me This I Know" and know it with every part of your being.

Liam, I will always hold you. I give you this promise.
The next day.
And then some.

But even more, your Savior holds you. He loves you more than I ever possibly could. Isaiah 46:4

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