it's what family is made of

the other day, we spent the day as a family doing all things summer. we spent a lazy morning at home sipping a good cup of joe (the next day i ran out of said cup of joe and it did not start out as good a day) and catching up on the news. this heat wave has been kicking our booty's so we headed on over to the pool (dang girl, it's HOT), followed by a big tub of frozen yogurt. it was not my finest flavor choice but it was free. HEY YO. even better, we later drove around and found a home we wish to buy (found out after we inquired that it had just been sold) that was perfect. we sat out front a while and watched the sun go down and dreamed of what life could be like. maybe it's a good thing it sold cause i'm pretty positive the house across the street is haunted. like a creepy house you'd find in the woods all covered in overgrown trees and cobwebs. like, gave me the chills, kinda creepy. we ventured on to wal mart where i'm convinced that 9pm is when the, shall i say, trashiest people come out in their best form. this i why i go to target. target knows best. liam then decided to blow out his diaper like nothing i've seen before. it required eleven wipes (yes, eleven. i counted.) and the hose. sweet mother almighty. later, we had too much wine, looked up more houses and then called it a night.
all unrelated photos are about to follow. yes, my son is in a box. and yes, my hubs is sucking a paci. these things are all normal in this household.

 in other news, liam has decided that he needs only hour long naps at a time. oooooh and this includes at night as well. not the business, my child. NOT the business.

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