It was a me and husband day full of ways trying to get baby out. Mostly we just tried to keep me walking. Fortunately I think it may have worked and I am in the early stages of labor.

We started the morning with a French press--the best way to enjoy one's coffee. We leisurely enjoyed our morning before we went to a few stores. Laps around Best Buy and GameStop started contractions. But it was over a spicy burrito bowl at Chipotle that it really started to feel different.  A new phone for me was purchased and a two mile walk was had. A bath in between, another walk, a few TV shows, and a trip to Walmart where we literally walked EVERY SINGLE aisle. I'm telling you, we are on a mission to get him out.

We are still playing the waiting game but I can tell we are on the way, or rather Liam is. Here's to tomorrow!!

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