bits of optimism

i'm officially one week overdue. don't feel too sorry for me though. husband and i have been enjoying our last few days of just being a couple. we've been going on drives, lunch and dinner dates, watching movies on the couch, walks, and relishing in one another's company.

other bonuses for liam taking his sweet time:
the house stays clean ALL the time. nesting apparently is still happening and i have a constant need to keep things clean before he arrives. i vacuum every day, steam the floors every other, dishes are always maintained, pillows fluffed, rugs clean. everything is how it should be.
there is constant excitement in our house. generally, we remain optimistic every day (although we do have our moments when the patience runs a little thin) and our home just feels happy. living in anticipation for something so exciting has made life joyful.

husband has been a dream. he makes almost every meal, gets me water constantly, lends a hand when my body gets stuck and i can't move (this sadly happens a lot), and is my constant support. love him.

i've become a champ at working through contractions. ya ya, i know once they get more intense i won't be able to anymore but i'd like to think my tolerance for pain has improved. while having constant contractions all day for the past two weeks gets really old and tiring, they've become almost second nature. i'll be glad when they're not.

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