41 weeks

41 weeks and no liam. though the contractions are becoming much more frequent, i still think the weekend will come and go before our little man decides to show his face. and while he doesn't feel done, i most certainly do. this pregnancy has been pretty easy but these last two weeks have punched me in the face. sleepless nights and nausea have taken over my life. the insomnia wouldn't be so bad if i were comfortable but the constant state of being so tired my eyes may fall out and not finding a position that doesn't feel like my spine is breaking is starting to get to me. tired and comfortable i can do. tired and uncomfortable and i'm starting to lose it.

i had every intention telling my doctor today that i was done and needed to be induced. we had an ultrasound to see if i was losing any amniotic fluid. anything less than 5 and we'd have to head to the hospital. more than 5, we were ok. i was a 13.

baby boy's heart rate and my uterus were tracked for 45 minutes checking for anything unusual. i had just enough contractions that they didn't want to talk about induction yet. i'm far enough along that it actually may happen naturally. i wanted to yell, "BUT I'M A STOVER! we don't do labor naturally!" while i realize that it's a blessing everything is perfect, he's just comfortable and healthy, i selfishly wish i would've been told that we needed to go to the hospital. like i said, i'm done. tuesday is my next appointment and if i still haven't had him (i swear...) then we will set an induction date. to be clear, i would have to wait til next friday to have him. i. may. die. however, contractions finally have consistent timing. for the last 12 hours, i've had them 20-30 minutes apart. the first sign of things picking up!! keeps your fingers crossed people! i made a bet for sunday that i need to win.

in other news, the house has never been cleaner (as well as the cars), my bags are packed, thank you notes all caught up, and all loose ends have been tied up. soooooooooo, we're ready. anytime would be great.

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