Monday. I'm anxious for Monday. I have my next doctor's appointment and I will hear now far I've progressed.  Or not. My last appointment was disappointing.  Literally no progression at all. So depressing.
So now we wait.  It is difficult  being so out of control and just waiting on this little guy to rear his head. Pun. I am not a patient person. But I know he will come when he is ready. His timing and God's timing is so much better than mine.  But it doesn't mean I haven't googled various ways to induce labor.

In the meantime, I clean like crazy, take walks, retrain Sadie to walk on a leash, watch HGTV way too much, take a lot of baths, move things to storage, paint my nails several times a week, and constantly wish these Braxton Hicks contractions would turn into the real deal. It's all very riveting, I tell you.

Liam, mama's done. Any chance you wanna come sooner, just give a shout.

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