We had our 31 week ultrasound. It was wonderful getting to see him for 30 minutes. Some things we learned:
-he is 3 pounds 15 ounces. Holy. 
-he's measuring at 32 weeks, though I am only 31 weeks. 
-he is in the 60 percentile in size. Yep, he is a big boy.
-oh, and he has a big head. 
Thomas to the tech, "Is that bad?"
"For Krista it is." 
So I'm looking forward to that. 
-he is in the perfect position and fluids are looking good.
-the boy has some CHEEKS.
-you know how they say "he's gonna be a soccer player with those kicks"? After learning his position I've discovered this--he's gonna be a baseball player. Those aren't kicks, those are some serious arm swings. And they hurt. Go Giants. 

So looking forward to meeting this little {big} guy!

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