a different kind of birthday

this birthday felt different. impending change on the horizon made it seem less like a birthday and just another reminder that things are about to change drastically. i do feel more grown up. more aware that i am no longer a child and that we are about to take on the greatest blessing and challenge God will give us.
 it was a reminder of how grateful i am for my husband. he spoils me, still cherishes me after all these years, wishes the best for me, loves me in ways i can only fathom, and still longs to make me feel special. i'd wish for nothing else than to spend the rest of my birthdays with only him. luckily, there's a little guy in the mix that will only make each year that much sweeter. a candle lit dinner in monterey on the water, both relishing in the peace and tranquility the sound the ocean brought, was precious to me. an ordinary moment made extraordinary simply because it was with him. so happy to grow old with him.

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