dear liam

there have been times during the last few months where i've literally thought nothing about being pregnant. and then there are those times where i'm so excited to be raising a boy with quite possibly the best man ever that i could explode. tonight has been the latter. we googled pictures of what a baby looks like out of the womb at 30 weeks and it was incredible. so real. so human. so not like an alien anymore. we have ten short weeks left, probably more since i'm a stover (let's be real, we don't have babies early).

 tonight, fear has escaped me and pure wonder at parenthood runs through me. the desire to pass on my sarcasm, husband's joy and love for people, his ambition, my loyalty, a tenderness like this...

i want him to have all the best parts of us and somehow escape everything else. i'm so excited to have him grow up in a large family of aunties and uncles and cousins and grandparents. he's gonna be so loved, that boy. with each swift kick in the rib, i love him even more. and his daddy...he doesn't even know what's coming.  

my baby, liam. we can't wait for you to get here. you are my pride and i can't wait to meet your little face.

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