a new year

 it's been a lovely and exhausting couple weeks. work has been nonstop but surrounded by that have been such cherished moments. we spent christmas at the cabin and enjoyed our first white christmas. it's wild to think this will be our last christmas as a couple but we are so excited about what that means. bringing little liam into this world is rapidly becoming a reality and the nerves and excitement abound.
husband and i, along with sister, brad, and parents indulged in the top layer of our wedding cake a few days ago. we were in dallas for our one year anniversary and weren't able to enjoy it. still as flavorful and delicious as ever. it was good to reflect on our wedding day stuffing my face with cake after attending a family friend's wedding earlier that day. it was a good day for marriages. 
the new year crept up on me but i do believe that 2013 will be a wonderful year full of firsts and blessings. 

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