bring it on, christmas

it's been a very christmasy week at the jacobs. i'm a firm believer in giving thanksgiving it's own celebrating time and nothing christmas related can be done on or before thanksgiving, but once it's over, HELLO CHRISTMAS! thomas needed a little bit of pushing to go get a tree a few days after thanksgiving. "babe, it's not even december yet!" psh. silliness. i won and later that day we got our tree. i've always been very good at manipulation. ask any of my siblings--i was the go to person when we were younger to convince mom to go out to eat. when katie asked, "no, i think we'll eat in tonight." 20 minutes later, katie would tell me to go ask and i'd hear, "sure, where would you like to go?" it's a gift, i tell you.
i wrap sadie up every year in lights. she tries to get away at first, but she always gives in. she's totally into it.
not everything was jolly around here. i had to get my blood drawn. don't feel too bad, though. the nurse felt bad and used a smaller needle. 
it's been rainy this week and husband and i have been sucked into netflix. pretty certain it was about 4pm when this picture was taken. we've been pretty busy lately obviously.
this is my favorite. sitting in the dark with only the christmas lights on.
a monday morning at the jacobs.
one wrapped gift down!

i seriously love christmas time.

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