Dallas, how I miss thee. For a California girl, I certainly do resonate a lot with the South. I loved the big metroplex in the middle of nowhere. One minute you could be at a plush restaurant and the next be line dancing at a bar. I loved the cowboy hats and $1000 boots. I loved that there was no way on earth I could ever possibly eat at half the eateries in town. Maybe even a quarter. The BBQ cannot be competed with. The friendliness undeniable. 

And IKEA. I was 10 minutes away from IKEA. 
Though I never tire of this scenery,

at IKEA I get this...

Husband and I, along with Katie and Brad, drove 2 hours to IKEA a few days ago. It's tough, but I'll do it. :) I love the creativity of the place. I'd never put a lot of their decor in my home but I do love the layout. It's pretty genius. And I don't know what it is but I get lost in kitchens. In a "I never wanna leave and use everything" sort of way. I love kitchen trinkets. I don't need 42 spatulas but I WANT them. And if it's wooden, even better. Naturally, we came home with three new ones. Because there IS a difference between a pancake spatula and an omelet spatula.
Above all the things I love about IKEA is that it's a place where husband and I both like to go together. Let's get real, I can't get away with going to a lot of home stores with him. But it's just an all around happy time here.

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