Husband talk

Marriage is hard. It's a daily offering of yourself to the other person. And if I'm gonna give myself up to someone, I'm so glad it's Thomas. We've had our ups and downs in the almost two years we have been married but I've always been proud of how we've dealt with them together. Last night we were reminiscing about our time in Dallas. It certainly wasn't an easy period and Thomas phrased it, "you did it for me and that was my time to shine." maybe true but I definitely grew from the experience and my memories of our first few years of marriage I'll always cherish. These next few years may be my shining moment and maybe not but I'm glad I have a supportive husband. We've talked a lot about some of the changes that may happen in the future--big changes. Babies, military, everything. Though we've come to no further answers to some of our questions, I love the times we sit and talk about our dreams. Dreams of having kids, of not having kids, living in Texas, becoming an officer. We have many dreams, the two of us. And always, always it's with the other by our side. I never want to dream a dream apart from him. I'm proud of us, husband. Proud of our decisions, the way we connect and discuss life, the way we include the other person. We've come a long way.

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