Our birthdays through the eyes of my phone


 Yesterday was my birthday and today is Husband's. These few days are always special since Valentine's and both of our birthdays are so close. My birthday was wonderful and everything I wanted it to be. It was relaxing and I felt extra special. Kinda what you want in a birthday. I woke up to coffee and donuts from Husband. Probably my favorite way to wake up. We spent time on the couch watching my morning shows and stuffing our faces. Bliss, you might say. I went to Jen's and played with the kids and chatted with sister. I hadn't seen her in way too long and I love to sit and discuss life with her. Yesterday's weather was perfect so we sat out and drank tea watching the kids drink their own and acting out their "shows." Got my first tan of the year! Wonderful birthday present!!
I went home, did a little shopping, talked on the phone with friends and family, and then partied the night away. Loved it.
Today was even more relaxing than yesterday. Thomas didn't really wanna do anything (as per usual on his birthday). He went out with his brother and checked out their new house (congrats guys!). Later we'll be going out for a drink or two.
It's been a wonderful two days. Husband knows how to spoil that's for sure. My favorite part of my birthday? 
I had been awake from my nap 2.2 seconds, checked my phone and was trying to return a text from my dad. My phone was not working to save its life. Never once since I've had it has it ever not worked. Groggy and grumpy, I was becoming more pissed by the second. I turned my phone off and on a million and one times and it still wasn't working. Ten minutes later, Thomas barges through the door. "Babe, WHY don't you ever answer your phone!!" (A constant argument with us) I proclaim how it's not my fault and tell him the story. He replies, "Maybe this is why?" and pulls out a new IPHONE!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

{Thank you to everyone who made us feel so special the last two days. We love you.}

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