My California Visit

It's hot. Like, fry an egg on the pavement with no problem hot. It hasn't been under 100 degrees in over one month. Insanity.

I miss California. I had a wonderful trip back home. I loved going to church again...seeing familiar faces, singing, being a "part" of a community again, listening to Mark. Boy, do I hate that we haven't found a church yet. So incredibly frustrating. I got to go with Katie to her first ultrasound. It was my first one too (I've not been to one; I'm not pregnant) and watching Katie and Brad get so excited was precious. That was until Brad asked what the random hand in the corner of the ultrasound was. The doctor was silent for several minutes then announced they were having twins. That's right, TWINS! I thought Brad was gonna pass out. Hahaha, they always get curve balls thrown at them. It's pretty comical. I think God thinks so too. ;)

Then I went to Bass Lake with the annual family camping trip. It was glorious smelling pine trees, watching wild life, being able to hang outside and not drip in sweat, go tubing and wake boarding, laugh with my family, play games, swim, attempt to teach Tess how to walk...I loved everything about it. It was such a short week it seemed. It was great to get away, even if that meant having to leave Thomas for a bit.

And now, back to the grind...

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