Louisiana Getaway

This past weekend we decided to split from DFW for a few days and have a little mini vacay. We thought it would be more fun to just drive and not pre-determine where we were going. If we wanted to stop, we would. If we didn't, we wouldn't. =) Two and a half hours in we landed in Shreveport, Louisiana and decided it looked like a good spot to play for the weekend. Casinos, the Red River, shopping. Sounded like fun to us. It was everything we needed and more. 

Neither of us hadn't been out of DFW in a while. Well, Thomas hadn't been out of the metroplex since we moved here. Do you know what that's like?? Seeing something other than suburbia was amazing. 
We arrived in Shreveport fairly late and searched for a hotel. Turns out, Shreveport is pretty trashy anywhere other than outside the casinos. We checked out the Horseshoe Casino...

But it was almost $300 a night so we looked elsewhere. We finally founded a Courtyard Marriott and found it to be blissful.

That bed was amazing, by the way. After settling in for a bit, we decided to head downstairs for a bite to eat. The hotel was located on the Louisiana Boardwalk which is full of shops and restaurants. Don't let the term "boardwalk" confuse you. It's nothing like what I had knew a boardwalk to be. Anyway, we found an Irish pub and it was quite delish.

After sleeping in the next morning, we did some shopping.  

It was blazing hot (only 110 plus humidity) and clearly we needed to go on a walk. This was my brilliant idea and being the great husband that he is, Thomas agreed. It was about a quarter of a mile in and I saw him slowly starting to pass out. Thomas calls me a lizard because I can be out in the heat for so long and not even break a sweat. He, on the other hand, not so much. We went back to the hotel to take a nap.

Later that night we thought we'd hit up the casinos. Several hours in, multiple drinks consumed, and we were up $280! Nothing better than winning money and free alcohol!

And the next morning, we lost it all. Awesome. But despite our losses we had a fantastic time. I never knew how bad I needed to get away. The 40 hours we were gone felt like a week. It was so good spending time with my husband. Time just with ourselves. No work, no phones, just us. Perfect.

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