A lazy day

It was a good day off. Woke up late which was delightful as I've been opening the last week. Thomas and I had a lazy morning, slowly sipping our coffee and watching the market on TV. Early afternoon we decided to go for a walk on a nature trail we both have been wanting to go to. We came up with a new thought...try something new once a week. A new restaurant, activity, tourist site, whatever. Doesn't matter as long as it's something we've never done. So this was what we decided on this week. It may have been a little ambitious being as it was 110 outside. We've made the record for longest streak of triple digit weather. 43 days in a row. Yes, you read that right. 43!!! It's absurd and not expected to cool down one bit. Supposedly it's going to stay like this until late October. I may not live til then. I just might be found shriveled up like a raisin somewhere. Anyway, we decided to go for a hike with the lady. She was ecstatic with the creek we found and the second the trail veered from it she frantically looked for it again. Three miles later, sweaty and dehydrated, we called it a day. Thomas gave Sadie a bath and I made dinner. 

It was a delightful day indeed.

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