Picture 001

Due to the content of my post several days ago, I've decided to do a photo challenge. Not because I really care to do one, mostly out of boredom. My husband is not around most of the time and I would like to do something structured with my mind in some way. Instead of the 30 Day Photo Challenge, I'm doing 360. Take a photo of a random thing you did that day. Yikes.
{Malkin's new favorite place}
Thomas finally had a night off (the first in weeks) so we had a lazy morning. Finally got to wake up next to him!! Did some errands and then took Malkin to the park. It was his first time at an actual dog park and he did so well! We were so proud. He played well with the other dogs, didn't bark or growl once. We played together for about two hours. I could've been there all day. It was like watching my child have the time of his life. I love him so. An ironic post after my last?
And now, having been worn out at the park (and stealing a toy), he's sleeping next to his mama. Life's good.

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