Wintery Feelings

I woke up Sunday morning to Thomas asking if it was snowing. He'd been checking the weather report every ten minutes. Seriously. He longs for snow and to be honest, has been a little grumpy from the lack of it. Finally, snow was expected!
We leave for church and as we're walking in I say, "I bet you $20 it'll be snowing when we come out." Sure enough, 10 minutes into the service Thomas looks outside and it's slowing falling. Pretty sure every person in that auditorium heard his
reaction. Well his A.D.D. kicked in and we left early. The snow was too much for him. :)
Malkin loved the snow as well. It was his first time and at first was timid but soon learned that he could eat it and that was GLORIOUS! Thomas threw snowballs with him (Malkin chased them, not threw them) and Pup loved it. Big fan of the snow.
I went to work, unhappy that I wasn't going to enjoy such a cozy day. However, closing at 5:30pm due to our store's remodel was amazing. 4 hours of work. Yes!
Then off to my manager's going away party. That's right, I have a new boss. Such a good thing. I've grown to adore the people I work with. We've hung out several times outside of work and I enjoy them more and more each time. So good for Thomas to have friends as well. That's always been my prayer for him. He's such a people person and a lack of community in his life is really getting to him. I've had friends here: Lauren for several months and I work with great people but Thomas spends his day in a van with an older gentleman bored out of his mind. Time for him to get some friends. He's getting to know some of the guys I work with and I'm so excited for it. I'm playing "matchmaker" with him and a few of them.
We have plans tonight as well. One of the girls at work invited us over. She just got married a couple weeks ago. Maybe we'll have a married couple to do things with! Fingers crossed...

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