Happy Saturday

Things have settled down quite a bit since our bank fiasco. I'm in full design mode. And FINALLY we're making changes. Hobby Lobby is such a good friend of mine. I will always find what I'm looking for and this time it didn't let me down. Mason jars, little knick knacks, candles, picture frames...all great purchases this weekend. =) Made Thomas go with to me a thrift store and found the most delightful things!
My new mantle...The clock (looks less glossy and gold in person) was an awesome find.

Also found the white pitchers (Pottery Barn had almost the same one for $40...I got it for $3). The shelves will be painted eventually. I despise them. I also despise my camera. Looks so much better in person. Poo. Some sort of greenery will be added too.

My mason jars.

We're also painting our nasty IKEA tables. We're not at a point for a new coffee table but the black needed to go. Home Debot was a necessary trip late one night. The coffee table and TV stand are in the process of becoming an almond color. The shelf above the sink in the kitchen also had a transformation. I'm so not a red person, I've decided. The color needed to go. It's now a soft green. Fits much better I think.
In the middle of all the errands, Pup needed a park run. We have a new favorite park in town. It's in the middle of downtown and is so quaint. It has a small pond with fountains in the middle and a bridge running over it. We love it and Malkin loves to run rampant. It's perfect for the three of us.

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