A Bedroom Transformation

Our bedroom has pretty much been ignored as far as decorating goes. We sleep in there and that's about it. It's great for laundry storage and for Pup to hide under the bed. We've finally put some work into it. Loooong way to go, however. It will be transformed into a mostly white room with some pops of color. Imagine a down comforter, lots of fluffy white pillows, white 600 thread count sheets. Mmmm, sounds divine to sink into. The wall hangings above the bed will go. Clearly they don't match at all. For curtains, I'm thinking something soft. White with faint grey pinstripes, maybe? Blown up black and white pictures. I'm excited to actually pull this space together. I want to actually be in my room. I desire a luxurious feel. Something that welcomes
me. A far cry from where we're at.
It's unfortunate you can't see the color of the shelves. It's a faint rustic like brown faded color. That's a lot of adjectives. Huh. Obviously they have yet to be decorated. But something is on the walls now!
New bedside dressers. There's one on each side of the bed. They were originally just pine, but we stained them and added new hardware. Hobby Lobby comes through again.
Table was free from the Salvation Army. We are going to paint it white. And obviously NOT keep it how it is. When I tell you we've done nothing with our room, we've done nothing.
See what I mean?

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