I'm beginning to really love my life here. I'm not just content here, I'm happy here. This may just be temporary, but I've made an effort to try here. As a result, we've hung out with friends almost every night, work is so much better and actually enjoyable. New manager for sure helps. Partners are happy in the store again. Things are looking up, despite the remodel chaos.
I'm getting to know Dallas better. I know my way around. When someone refers to something, I actually know what they're talking about (some exceptions). We've tried different food (just tried Thai...yum!), done more Southern things (I want to go to Billy Bob's, this Texas bar/dance place where they have a lot of of concerts there. The epitome of Texas living). I've been trying to compare my life here with my life in Colorado. What is different? Dallas feels like home. Or is beginning to. I'm comfortable here. I never was in Denver. It wasn't a good fit for me.
I look forward to traveling the state a bit. Houston (even though I hear it smells like poop...really), San Antonio (river walk especially), Austin (been there, but want to explore it more), the beach (it's so different than California beaches).
I love my life. I love what we've built here.

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