Then and Now

Clearly I'm not so good at keeping up with this. Almost a year has passed since I've written. Lots of change. I got married, moved to Texas, and got a dog, to name a few. It's great...I love marriage. Living such a close and intimate life with Thomas is such a special and sacred thing. It's had its challenges, of course, but it's been a lovely first five months.
Moving to Texas has proved to be rather different than expected. Families are such a funny thing. :{ It's strange but we're okay. It's good to know that. We're okay. Never thought I'd be living in Dallas. Southerner? Really? Haha but it's fun. The change is welcome.
We're still getting used to life here and settling in. Malkin has been a great addition to the family and made things a little less lonely. I love him like a child. He's a handful but has been such a blessing and joy. Love the little pup. :)
We've had a blast thus far. Here's a little sneak peek.
Move in day!!! 115 degrees...awesome.
Flo for Halloween.
Street where JFK was shot.
Bringing home Malkin. He was terrified but already loving his new mom. :)
First Thanksgiving married. First Thanksgiving to cook. Definitely a story there.
Christmas time!!! Our first tree...Malkin had a field day.
Before Lauren moved back to Colorado, the three of us road tripped to where ever. Made it to Oklahoma, gambled and won a few bucks, and experienced of the best days we've had so far in Texas. Or in life. So sad she's gone.
It's been tons of fun. I'm loving my life.

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