I long to decorate my home. Odd since I'm actually able to decorate my own home. I'm hitting a wall. I've discovered some frustrations: I have no creative outlet. I need to be creative but I don't sew, draw, build, or anything. Rearrange, that I can do. Decorating costs money. Unfortunate. So since I have no outlet and no money to throw around to things such as fun house stuff, I sit here on my couch frustrated. Super annoyed with the painting in the Dining Room. Why the frick is it even in my house?? It goes with nothing. I need it out. I also need all this black Mod crap out. But here it lies. Stupid IKEA. Also, (I'm venting) my preferred color scheme would be blues, whites, cremes, so on. What is my house? Green, red, and tan. Oh and black, of course. Awesome. I'm now stuck. I need to decorate for ME. Not by the hand-me-downs from my in-laws. Meh. One day.............
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