So much time has passed since I've written. Oops. Life is busy but good. I constantly work which is usually great but lately it's been exhausting. I've gotten yelled at every day for the past three days by the same lady. And some days, I can handle it and then some days, it just makes me wanna cry. Every time this "tall, nonfat, no whip mocha lady" comes in, I cringe. I know she will have something to complain about. Something Starbucks is doing wrong. Something I'm doing "wrong." In the past, I've always known her to be a bit...challenging, shall we say. The first of these three days, two complaints. We never have the sandwich she wants and she hates this new Starbucks rewards program. I can do nothing about this policy. It is what it is. How she thinks that yelling at a girl in a tiny little Salinas store can change a major corporate policy I don't know. Blows my mind. Second day, she came in and said she wanted a grande, extra hot mocha. So my coworker writes it on the sleeve. Being that she comes in multiple times a week, I know that she will want nonfat milk and no whip. However, she didn't order that so I make what it says on the sleeve. Knowing she'll comment on her drink, I make sure I put a little extra whip. She sees me put the whip on it and she says snottily, "That's nonfat, right?" I tell her, "No, you didn't ask for nonfat milk. Would you like me to remake it?" She replies that no, she will "deal with it." Hahahaha, I guess I should've made what I knew she would want even though she didn't say it. But it was one of those days where I felt she needed a little kick in the pants. Sarah, a girl I work with goes, "I hope that whip goes straight to her butt." And then today again, I got yelled at about how we never have enough pastries. I question the customers that come in every day and still have a complaint. We have several customers like that and I so badly just want to tell them to go to another store. However, I can do nothing but smile and nod. I guess you just can't satisfy everyone. Leaves me feeling bothered. Wedding plans continue. It's fun putting it together. I love selfishly planning a day where a hundred people have to do it my way. I truly enjoy that. =) I'm continuously learning to be silent. Situations with Thomas, work, friends, my own heart, have all been teaching me this lesson. It's strangely wonderful. I always want to be in control. I tend to feel the need to completely explain myself, fearful of a response. But God is teaching me to be still. To accept whatever comes, but to just be silent. It's difficult and rewarding all at the same time.

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