Oh yesterday. Probably the most frustrating and out of control day. I opened which means I was up at 4am. I had the previous two days off so getting up was somewhat tolerable. It seemed to be a pretty slow morning which made the shift rather easy. Then the following happens and my day begins to unravel...
-Thomas stops by the store and says our bank account has been locked and we cannot access our funds. (Our rent is due the 1st) -I go to the bank to do money stuff for the store, come back and QASA is there. If you don't know what QASA is, they are the people that Starbucks partners dread. They check everything from temps, filters, milk stains, flies, EVERYTHING you can possibly imagine.
-Not only is there one person from QASA there, there's two. Twice the eyes.
-I get off, call Thomas, and he informs me of the bank situation.
-The bank is unsure of my identity (due to my name change) and needs verification. Driver's license and social security card.
-My card got stolen, therefore I have no card.
-Go to the Social Security Office, wait for two hours, come back with the paper that will hopefully take the place of the card until it comes in the mail.
-Meanwhile, Thomas and I have been on the phone with USAA trying to figure out the situation and how they could just lock our account. We got an email the night before saying they needed verification, but nothing about locking our account. Who DOES THAT??
-USAA tells me that the info I have will work and should unlock the account.
-Go to FedEx to fax it to USAA.
-Call them back to see if they've received everything.
-Yes, but not what they need. WHAT!
-They need a copy of our marriage certificate and a copy of my credit report to verify who I am.
-Several things wrong with that...the marriage certificate will take several days to get. And I can't pay for it because I can't access any funds.
-Still on the phone with USAA and say, "So my funds will be locked until I send you the marriage certificate?" "Yes, that's correct." "So my funds will be locked up to a week?" "Yes, ma'am, until we get a copy of that." Oh. My. Word.
-Keep in mind I've been up since 4am.
-Thomas comes home around 6:30pm and is still on the phone with USAA.
-The lady says that we will need to talk to the Verification Department but they are closed for the day and will not be open until Monday due to the holiday. Holy piss. This is actually happening.
-We talk to a bunch of supervisors and head people at USAA and get nowhere. Finally, they tell us that we have an hour for our account to be unfrozen for us to get a small amount of cash out of an ATM. Do you realize how frustrating it is to be told how much cash you can get out and for how long?
-Meanwhile, our rent is still due the 1st.
-USAA is willing to talk to our landlord and tell them the situation, not that we don't have the money, we just can't access it. I wonder how our apartment will love that?
-Call Rick and see if Monday he can possibly go to the courthouse and get our marriage certificate and fax it to USAA. Not a problem.
-And now today, Thomas is down at the office trying to talk to them and explain the situation. No idea how that's going.
So...we have tons of money but are not able to access it. And will not be able to access it until at LEAST Monday. I'm still beyond myself. All of this over a dumb name change.

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