We've been going to lunch with the Simmons occasionally after church. They're always amusing. Last time, I got grilled and was given advice on the Luke situation. In the words of Mark, "Krista, he's a liar. Tell Luke the Liar to stop calling." Good. This time, "So Krista, is that a promise ring from Thomas?" "Mmm no." "Well, what are you getting him for Christmas?" I didn't realize he was curious about my purchases. I tell him clothes because he hasn't had to wear them in the past 15 months. Katy looks up confused. "He hasn't worn clothes in 15 months?!" Then began the conversation of Iraq. Blessed. We went to the aquarium after that. I haven't been in ages and I love it. It's eery and a little creepy, but it's pretty spectacular. However, I had higher hopes. As we're walking by the shark tank I say, "I thought they had bigger sharks here?" Mom's like, "No, you just remember them as being massive because you were so little." I insist that there are bigger ones. "Krista, this isn't Sea World. There aren't Great Whites and Killer Whales." hahahahahaha I died. Well the big killer whales you see hanging as you walk in are real misleading. I found out I'm afraid of Bat Rays. I touched one and I jumped and scared it. Cool. Did I get many weird looks? Yes. Yes, I did. I work at 7am tomorrow. WHY I picked up the shift, I'll never know. I've been told I look a lot like Sheryl Crow. Don't see it. Not too shabby. And as self-concious as I am about wearing my glasses I got many compliments on them at church in a 5 minute period. Three to be exact. I needed the pick-me-up.

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