Work + Flu = No go

Work. When I'm out of it, I'm out if it! The second I walk in, my shift yells hey from the back from. I yell hi back and he's like, "Whoa, your voice." So it started well. By the end of the night, I was just instructed not to talk. Customers would probably actually appreciate it too. However, I did make friends with 3 cops. The beauty about working at Starbucks is you befriend the Po Po. It's definitely a buffer for getting out of tickets. And they're always nice too. They're one of the few types of people that come in that are always genuinely kind. I can respect that. Ha. Then you have the type of people that see that the pastry case is closed down with everything covered up and they still ask for a warmed chocolate chip cookie. Do you not SEE? People are idiots.

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