10 Things I Hate About Working at Starbucks

1. When I make a mocha/white mocha and hand it off to the person and they snottily say, "EXCUSE me. I didn't want whip cream." Well here's a little tid bit for you. Mochas actually come with whip cream so if you didn't want it, say that when you ORDER the drink. 2. Same goes for green/black/passion tea lemonades. If you want lemonade, please specify. You will most definitely only get water. Saying "Ya, this doesn't have lemonade in it" is stupid. Pretty sure you have to ask for lemonade if you want it. 3. Customers expect me to know spanish. America. That's all I'm sayin. 4. When people say "frap." 5. Don't come to the register and ask me to break a $20 bill and a water. 6. A latte is a specific drink. Not a general one. 7. When people ask for a cappuccino but you know they really mean frappuccino. 8. Vivannos. Worst idea Starbucks ever came up with. 9. "Grande" is pronounced "gron-day." Not "gran-day." 10. Sanitizer. Creates holes in your hands and makes them raw.

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