Oh the joys of being in a relationship. I've had several conversations with very prominent people in my life that have said it's time to close the door to a certain friendship in order for my relationship with Thomas to really thrive. I've known I've needed to for the past several months but have never had the guts to do it. The last four or five days have proved that it's time. I really don't need Luke in my life and it's time I let go. I suck at that, fyi. How does someone tell someone, "Oh hey, by the way, we actually can't really talk. Ever." I know why I need to do this. We have a huge history and he can't be in my life if Thomas is. It's sad, but I'm learning to be ok with it. It's taken some time for me to get here. I love talking to Mom about me and Thomas. It's mind boggling how similar Rick and Thomas are. We laughed a lot today about the stupid things they say. Like the metaphors they think are absolutely brilliant and we really think are quite horrific and just plain annoying. The older I get, the more I've come to appreciate my relationship with her. She gets me fully and completely. We're so alike and I love that I don't have to say anything for her to know what's going on. She brings a sort of peace to my life. A reassurance that everything is gonna be ok. It's raining right now. I hate the rain normally but I'm so ready for fall. I crave cold weather. Every day I put on a sweater praying it's like 30 degrees outside. And then I go outside and it's 80 degrees. Awesome. But it's finally getting cold. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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