First Day of Summer

These days we've been barbecuing almost every other night which basically means we've been eating like kings. Chicken, baked potatoes, veggie skewers, salmon burgers, turkey burgers, hot dogs, sausage, we've had it all and I'm loving it. Thomas will swim with Liam in between checking the grill and slowly Liam has been learning how to swim. If I can get my act together, I'll put him in swim lessons in the next month or so but life with a newborn really changes things. Working on it.

This little guy has been loving his play gym. I DIYed this which now looks much different and more how I intended it to look. I was waiting on a few wooden teethers that I ordered from Etsy to come in. He loves batting them and smiles and laughs at them. It's the cutest when I catch him cracking himself up. Caleb is such a joyful baby and it's such a pleasure spending our days together.

Liam is his usual self again. Right after Caleb was born, he was super defiant and threw a lot of tantrums. Thankfully, I think he's fully adjusted to life with Caleb and his attitude has shifted. As the weather heats up (or is already hot rather!) it's hard playing outside since Caleb is still so little so I've had to get creative with daily activities. Sometimes that means jumping on the bed, playing in a tub of water outside, packing boxes with me (he strangely loves this), coloring together, activity worksheets from education.com , etc. And some days I just send him off to daycare for some socialization. 🙈 

^^^Always watching big brother^^^

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