Our Parenting Trick + Comfy Non-Maternity OOTD

Cardigan, on SALE | Leggings: a MUST HAVE, pregnant or not. They hold everything in and are not see through. I expect this out of leggings but it's so hard to find a quality pair. | Tank, old | Boots | Scarf, gift | Earrings, Charming Charlie

After almost a month of an irregular schedule, I noticed Liam was starting to be a bit sassy, was talking back and in general, had a bad attitude. My work schedule has been all over the place which impacted Liam's routine. And then we were in California for two weeks and the week back was a rough one. Early mornings and a strict regime were taking its toll.

Usually when this happens, we make a behavior chart for the week focusing on 3-4 "problems." Thomas and I make a big deal out of it offering an incentive for good results at the end of the week. This could be a toy, a fun activity, a dinner out, whatever he chooses. Starting last Monday, we're focusing on having a good attitude, displaying good manners (please and thank you's without having to be asked), no potty accidents (last week he had 4 accidents! So unusual for him.), and helping mommy in the morning (ie, no fits, stalling tactics, etc. We are rushed in the morning and have to be out of the house by 6:45am). 

Each morning before our way out the door, I be sure to leave a few extra minutes to sit down with him and go over his chart for the day. I'll put the first happy face (or sad face) for being an awesome morning helper. I've noticed it's been such a positive start to Liam's day and sets things on the right foot. 

So far, we've seen positive results. It's clear Liam has the chart and his new toy that he wants (a car from Disney Cars) in the back of his mind at all times. It usually doesn't take more than a week for there to be a consistent change in his behavior. 

Moving on, I wear some version of this outfit 2-3 times a week. It's work appropriate (my office isn't super strict on dress code), comfortable, and covers all the areas I want covered. My style has shifted a bit since being pregnant. Since my favorite high-rise jeans are clearly out of the question, I usually opt for leggings but don't love the booty area being on display. Over the last couple months, I've been collecting cardigans and long sweaters (like this one, this one and this one) to cover the problem areas. And bonus, since Christmas is over and retailers are bringing out Spring and Summer collections (swimsuit season already???), sweaters and cozy tops are usually on sale. I picked up this cardigan at Target the other day when I ran in for milk. Seriously, every time; I cannot go to Target without buying at least three or four items I don't need. But it was less than $15 and love how lightweight it is. Perfect Spring transition piece. 

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