Late Night Thoughts from a Saturday Night

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After waking up in the middle of the night slightly panicking that we had done nothing to prepare for baby, I spent the entirety of Saturday cleaning out our's and Liam's room. I purged, tossed, moved furniture, purged again and tossed even more. Liam helped by getting everything out that I had just put away. I pulled out the big brown box that was hiding in the back of Liam's closet and found oodles of newborn diapers, onesies, baby carriers, teething toys, baby blankets. Three year old memories came flooding back as I held his hospital outfit and favorite swaddle blanket. As the diapers found their new home and onesies flew into the washer, my excitement for the next few months grew. Sometimes it feels daunting to start all over again but with that comes a new little life.

At our 18 week check-up, we learned he's a HE and growing just like his brother did. He's a week ahead in size (just like brother) and has long bones (just like brother). Another "he's going to be a big baby" exchange that I've grown accustomed to and a "I am NOT going to be 2.5 weeks late this time" retort. This babe already feels different. I've learned his rhythm and kicking habits. He seems much calmer than Liam ever did--much less aggressive. Time will tell if this is a sign of the future. ;)

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