Little Victories and Big Bellies

Sneakers: TARGET

I'm currently sitting on the couch switching between The Voice and Friends waiting for the Giants game to start. Liam's just gone to bed and he's come out with requests twice now. The first to go potty even though he just went which I firmly reminded him of and the second was for a cup of water. And though we're still working on him not leaving his room after he's been sent to bed, I consider tonight a victory.

Liam's the pickiest eater (like won't eat Chic-fil-a picky) and tonight he ate his dinner without throwing a fight. Or his food. Chicken, cranberries, and mashers. Why it requires any sort of convincing to eat mashed potatoes I'll never know. And so...dessert all around!

And...I just got my third visit, again requesting a bathroom visit. This time I heard a sweet whisper,

Mama, why did your belly get so big??

Seriously impressed with what my body is doing right now. I explained how baby is growing and soon we'll be able to feel little kicks.

But mama, we don't kick.

Long pause.

Alright kid, back to bed!

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