Bump Update: 13 Weeks

Culottes and Sneakers
Forever 21 Culottes
Bump Update: 13 Weeks
Black and White Casual Outfit
Striped Culotte Pants

Pants: F21

I'm now in my second trimester and ALL THE PRAISE HANDS!!!! The nausea and exhaustion has completely taken me out during my first trimester. Most of my nausea comes towards the afternoon and evenings which is a bummer for poor Liam. He's so good about me needing to take an hour or so laying on the couch and always asking if baby feels good. Typically when he says, "Mama, do you feel good?" and I say no he'll tell me that I need to go to the doctor or go lie down in bed. Love his sweet nature.

Liam's thoughts about baby:

Liam thinks he's pregnant too, though now he has a fish in his belly. A red and green and blue one. May have something to do with One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish being one of his favorite books.

He makes sure to give baby kisses every night before bed and gives big belly hugs. I die every single time.

"Hey Mama, you a big girl!" Thanks bro. Some days he just stares at me like, "who is this woman and where is my mother?" I have similar thoughts also.

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