Oh Baby

Sweater: TARGET
Flats: ZARA

And so...the reason for my absence. I tell you what, I was bursting at the seems to tell you guys of this little bebe. Some guessed it, mostly because there is no way I could have eaten THAT much for lunch. Also the package of saltines sitting at my desk at work was a dead ringer.

Growing a baby is hard work! Much harder the second time around, it seems. My first pregnancy was so easy; I felt great and was never sick! This time the morning sickness is so so real. Rather, the morning, noon, and night sickness. As the 12 week mark came, thankfully the nausea started to subside.

We had our first appointment and our little dancing bean was eager to show off. So wiggly (and much like her/his brother!) Both Thomas and I think it's a girl. Liam too but he also thinks he has a brother in his belly. He's been super into talking about a dog we used to have, Sadie. Every day, completely out the blue, he walks around the house talking about his "sister dog" and how he gets to see her real soon. I'm fairly certain he thinks I'm going to give birth to a dog. So he's in for a real surprise.

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