Weekend Uniform // No. 3

Levi's Cutoffs
Casual Weekend Outfit
White Cardigan
Messy Waves
New Balance Sneakers

Shorts: LEVIS, DIY distressing, similar, similar
Cardigan: DILLARDS, similar, similar
Sunnies: VANS

The other weekend, Thomas was running in a 5K and though Liam wasn't feeling well we joined him at the finish line, ringing our cow bells. Thomas has really been into running and runs an average of 12-15 miles a week. Amazingly, he's lost about 60 pounds and I'm so so proud. Since doing the 5K and KILLED it, his next race he wants to do is a half marathon and is starting the training regime.

We are so not the same.

Here I am practicing my yoga feeling all zen, and he's running mile after mile.

Run, Forrest, run.

Anyways, wore this to the race because if you're wearing New Balance sneaks, it basically means you ran in the race, no? Ya, thought so.


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