#thrive4mothers with thredUP

Around the age of 19, I was on the hunt for the perfect college. I had a general idea of the type of school I wanted to go to, but I had no idea of where to go or  even what to major in. There was a sea of options and randomly, I chose Colorado Christian University in a little suburb outside of Denver. Why I chose it, I'm still not even sure to this day. It was far from my California home and aside from a few relatives I hadn't seen in years, I didn't know a soul. But I loved that it was something I was doing on my own, like it was one big adventure.

I told my mom and though she asked a few questions, she never doubted my decision. Never said no, it was too far or no, she would miss me too much. She may have thought those things but it was important to her to let me live my own life and create my own memories. Her mom, my grandmother, did the same with her when she wanted to leave home for college in Utah and as she told me the story of her own process in why she chose the college she did, I realized I needed to go. And not only was she letting me, she was pushing me to go.

To this day, I can't recall one thing my mom has said "no" to. Not in a bratty, spoiled way as if she couldn't say no but in a "I don't want to stop you from doing what you want to do." I can't thank her enough for that and I hope I'll be like that with Liam one day too.

My mama pushed me and she allowed me to thrive.

thredUP has teamed up with mothers2mothers, a non-profit dedicated to empowering mothers living with HIV to bring health and hope to other mothers, their families, and communities. With the goal of eliminating pediatric AIDS, they train, employ, and empower Mentor Mothers in sub-Saharan Africa to work alongside healthcare providers in understaffed health centers.

For the entire month of May, thredUP will be celebrating the amazing women in our lives that lift us up, make us laugh, and inspire us to thrive-this is #thrive4mothers. Celebrate the women in your life and join in supporting this incredible cause.

Each time this image is shared on social media with #thrive4mothers, thredUP will donate $1 to mothers2mothers.

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