A little throwback to last year's birthday pic because he's the cutest.

In just one short month, Liam will be 3 and he does not let us forget that. Mine and Thomas' birthdays are a day apart and those two days really threw him off. First it was Mommy's birthday, and then Daddy's, the next day MUST be my birthday, right?? He's back on track and this morning he promptly reminded us,

"Hey mommy, daddy, issa my burday comin' up, wiight?"

I say, "Of course! And how old are you going to be?"

"Fweeeeee! I want some cake," and holds up his fingers in an attempt to show me just how old.

We're in a stage where he's discovering he is his own person and can make decisions and be independent of mommy and daddy and if you catch him on a bad day, perhaps a day when almost three year olds think they're too big for naps, watch out. Run. Mr. Decision Maker becomes Mr. Nasty. It's a difficult and very rewarding age. His vocabulary seems so mature. Says the proud mother.

"Liam, I'm so proud of you for using full sentences! You're using your words so well!"

"Weeeeeeeeeeeeell" accompanied by a little shrug.

My favorite is when he's playing by himself with his trains and you hear, "James, no! Please stop, James." We've really been working on him saying "please" and "thank you" and clearly it's paying off. Now if only he'd realize it's an inanimate object and he has the ability to stop James.

Some other gems:

"Mommy, can I give you hugs?" 2467623 times a day.

"You wanna pway wif meee?"

"Les watch a movie on da DVD prayer." And then he starts the movie by himself. (Kinda wishing husband hadn't taught him that one.)

As we pull up to the Starbucks window having made NO mention of Starbucks, "Heey! I want some Stawbucks! Mommy, can I have some choc-wot milk?" Perhaps a sign I visit too much.

"I wanna be comfycozy!"

Daddy prays over breakfast with him every morning and if he misses the prayer, "No daddy, we haf da say prayers!!" Bless.

And more than anything I long for him to stay little but the more he grows, the more I enjoy him and fall in love with him.

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