Letter to husband


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Dear Husband,

I'm sorry I burnt dinner last night into charcoal and replaced what was left of the chicken and veggies with a lame ol' spinach salad. Lord knows you didn't marry me for my cooking abilities. Julia Child would be so ashamed. 

Thank you for laughing with me over The Office in bed. I love watching our shows together, even though you fall asleep in 3 seconds flat. It felt good to laugh the stress of the day away together. Let's do more of that.

Thank you for providing for us and working so hard to do so. I am so proud of you and all you do.

Your patience with Liam astounds me. I get so frustrated with him and find myself more often than not feeling my temper rise but you, my love, teach me to be slow to anger. You often take over baths and bedtime routines to give me a much needed break. You are so kind and loving and I am so grateful that you are such a phenomenal man for Liam to look up to.

Thank you for your funny snaps. :)



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