Changing up my cardio game


Tee shirt, Target | Leggings, Jockey | Sunnies, Cato | Sneakers, Nike, similar, similar | Jump rope, c/o TKO

 As soon as I get home from work, I change into my workout clothes, give Liam a snack, and I do my home workout. I know if I sit down, I'll talk myself out of it or I'll find other things that need to get done. Husband is usually at work and I hate gyms so I have to do a workout that includes a two year old in some way. I've written a fitness post about my favorite routines if you wanna check it out but I've also been trying to really step up my cardio. Saturday morning Thomas was home and we wanted to go for a run and I knew the perfect way to get some cardio in with Liam in tow. While husband ran his several miles I pulled out the jump rope and Liam collected rocks and splashed in puddles. I was concerned I wasn't going to get a good enough workout in without running but by the time husband had made his way back to us, I was dripping in sweat and short of breath. The next day, I was sore. Not gonna lie, I was kinda surprised with how good I felt.

Such a good way (and easy) to change things up and can literally be done anywhere. Easy to pack in a suitcase or throw in your purse and jump around. House of Pain anyone?


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