iPhone photo dump

 We've become the people that must look at plants and flowers in whatever store we're in. I'm OK with it. It makes for such a happy house, don't you think?

 New Ipsy favs that I've been relying on daily. That eyeshadow quad is perfection. Love neutral colors!

 Signs of summer: jorts and bare toes

 We're simplifying our bedroom--getting rid of the clutter and embracing white walls. I love it!

  ^^^This braid has gotten a lot of requests for a tutorial. What do ya think?^^^

 Mommy/son date last weekend to watch the planes at DFW airport. Liam for the first 45 minutes of us being there and I was getting bored. He finally woke up and we took a walk and listened to the control tower and watched the "white pwanes and bwack pwanes." He loved it. And always wanted to touch them. We ended our night way past his bedtime with dinner and a milkshake. He's so fun to hang out with and legitimately makes me laugh. Days with him soothe my soul.

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