Menswear to workwear

Top, thrifted (although the tag says Sears) | Trousers, F21 | Loafers, Zara, similar, similar

Sometimes finding new and different outfits to work can be a challenge. I love having my staple pieces but I also love to add some interest to my style, even if I'm just wearing black. Enter this top. Found it thrifting the other day and loved the menswear look it had. I love an androgynous look and this definitely helps to achieve that. But if you want a more feminine vibe it could also be paired with a flared skirt. If that's what you're into. :)

These loafers have quickly become a favorite too because they go with everything. Since I'm tall and already tower over people and don't love wearing heels (especially to work), I like looking for flats that are different and add more interest. Still breaking them in though. My feet have the blisters to prove it!


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