I don't see in color

Top, thrifted | Jeans, F21, DIY distressed  | Sandals, Target (old)

 My obsession with streamlining my wardrobe continues. Over the years as I've bought more and more color, I've realized I wasn't truly in love with the pieces in my closet and didn't feel it truly respresented me. Like I said in yesterday's post, I'm a no frills gal. I don't like glitter and in your face colors and it's time my wardrobe reflects that. WHY AM I BUYING PINK WHEN I DON'T LIKE TO WEAR IT?? Seriously.

My obsession with thrifting also continues and when I realized I hadn't been in a few weeks, I took the afternoon for myself and came home with so many things! I hit the jackpot! Came home with 3 black shirts, one white, and a white candle votive. Proving further I see things in black and white...and a little grey, blue, and faded colors here and there.

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