High Five for Friday

High five for Friday! Getting off a wee bit early today to hang with a few co-workers and then off to Adventure Land! It's raining again today and I just need some sunshine. We went thirteen days straight with no sun in sight and I definitely feel the gloom. Take me anywhere sunny, husband! So I'm starting this casual Friday with a rare treat (NEVER thought I would use "treat" and "Starbucks" in the same sentence after working there) from the Bux. Fun story, The other day I went to lunch with a few co-workers, ending at Starbucks for a pick-me-up. My old District Manager is in there, makes eye contact, and nods with a small smile. Back story, he just gained my store in his district right before I quit. My manager had off and disappeared (seriously) and I was left to carry the store. My last day, he approaches me and asks what he can do to get me to stay. It was the first time I saw him since I left and it was good to know that I'm in a much better place. A virtual middle finger, if you will. Pardon.

 2. I've been feeling so bad for Liam with this weather because he's been cooped up. For a little adventure boy, the winters are rough. So the three of us escaped to Chic-fil-a. What started as a family dinner, ended as date night for husband and I. Liam wanted nothing to do with dinner and found some friends in the play area and didn't hear from him again until he noticed mama had a chocolate milkshake. "Ta ta, amigos! I've got some 'choco' to attend to."

3. Liam grabbed my curling wand and burned the right side of this hand. It was a minor burn and luckily we had some special cream from the last time he burned himself (this is apparently his chosen injury) and it's already healed. We had lots of snuggles that day.

 4. Liam has been telling us when he goes "poop poo" now and grabs at his diaper. Husband thought he should just sit on the toilet to "gain some experience." These are Liam's thoughts.

To see more glimpses of my week, follow along on my instagram! (@kavenueblog) Hope y'all have a good weekend!

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