High five for Friday!

Yay for Friday! How was y'alls week? Mine was great, though colds abound in my family currently.

1. It snowed in Dallas this week, the first of the year. Mind you, it lasted only twenty minutes and wasn't enough to stick on the ground but it was a magical few minutes. We're big snow lovers in my family, especially husband, so any sign of it is a party. Husband woke Liam up to tell him about the snow (it was about 10pm so Liam was solidly out) but even in husband's excitement, not an eye was opened. Ah well, we enjoyed the moment just the two of us cuddled under blankets.

2. We decorated for Fall a bit early this year so I was anxious to get a head start on Christmas. We've started putting a few decorations up just to get into the spirit. The tree is put on hold until after Thanksgiving, of course and now that Liam is older, I'm excited to purchase more decor items. When I pulled out the boxes it was literally the highlight of Liam's life. Oh, the glitter!! The throwing of glass ornaments may be a problem, especially when it comes time to officially decorate the tree. Two ornaments down already...

3. This has been such a busy work week. Deadlines seem to happen all at the same time which is truly spectacular. But it's been broken up between lunches at the Cheesecake Factory, catered going-away parties, and happy hour at the Hilton. Hey job, you're alright.

4. Guys, I have a problem. I visit make-up counters way too often. When you start visiting Nordstrom on your lunch hour, you know it's time to reel it in. BUT, in my defense, it's caused me to organize my collection and get rid of old stuff. So it's fine. :)

5. Thanksgiving is next week and I'm so excited. Holidays are so much happier when you're a parent. I love being able to pass on traditions with Liam. I'm already starting to think of December activities and am currently working on our advent calendar. I found a sweet printable and have been prepping it this week. So excited.

6. I've been trying to drink a lot more water after reading this article. I keep track of how much I'm drinking every day and average about 120 fluid ounces a day. I've noticed the dark circles that have made their forever home under my eyes are actually diminishing. It's amazing what water does to your body.

Happy weekend!!

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