High five for Friday

Oh hey, Friday! You're pretty great. This weekend looks to be pretty relaxing which I'm welcoming with open arms. Husband is going to a Dallas Stars game tomorrow and I plan on taking the babe on a one-on-one date with mama. Sunday, Thomas has a school "field trip." Do college students still call them field trips? So it's me and Liam all weekend and I'm pretty excited about it. We need some bonding time. :)

How was y'alls week? Mine was swift and felt like every day at work was a learning experience. My brain has been on overdrive so when the end of day buzzer rings, I'm ready to shut things down on the couch with a bag of peanut butter M&M's. Yep, a bag. Owning it.

Liam is learning new words daily and when he says them in his high, sqeaky, always ending with a question tone, I almost die. His new favorite, and mine, is Where goWhere goWhere go? It always is repeated three times and by the third, it reaches an octave I definitely can't hit. Pure gold.

He's learning about punch lines. Like when someone makes a joke, he somehow knows to laugh at the punch line. I'm hoping he grows up to be a comedic genius.

 While grabbing our morning coffee together, we saw Big Black. You know, from Rob and Big. If you don't know, well...I don't know what to tell you. But husband did a little happy dance and then said, "That's such a sweet car." Good one, bro. Men.

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